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----For Fan Stephanie

-Quote:"Now I'm playing more golf whenever we have time off," he said. "We kind of go out there and hack around and hit the ball at people and wreck the golf carts and drink beer. It's just a way to get away from everything and not think about what's going on."

Quote-"I used to have dreams that I would go to Elvis shows, and like he'd call me up outta the crowd, and like evryone would be like 'Oh My God' and I'd run up on the stage with Elvis and sing with him. Like I'd have these reoccuring dreams like that, it was weird, when I was a kid."~Scott Stapp

Quote-"We're sincere. We're not out to be fake. We're not out to act like people that we're not. We're just 4 guys from Tallahassee that love music and write songs together, and the world's now getting to hear it. We hope that the sincerity comes across in our music."~Scott Stapp

Quote-A concert in Indiana, Scott Stapp mentioned that Rik Smits is the tallest Creed fan at 7ft 6in.~Scott Stapp

Quote-"Creeds got an army out there. These people are diehard!"~Scott Stapp

Quote-"Sure, I hear what people say. But the only opinions I care about are from the fans." ~Scott Stapp

Quote-"People are confusing that with us being a religious band; we're not. That's just what I was going through at that time. I was asking questions and dealing with issues and going against beliefs that I had been taught my whole life. It's hard for people to understand that because they're so used to being held down by churches and denominations. I wasn't held down; I was born into it. I had no choice, and when I had a choice, I wasn't allowed to have that choice so I left home. My whole life is about having that freedom to have a choice, and not having it forced on me. So that's kind of what we're all about." ~Scott Stapp

Quote-"It's surprising to me how it's all come about. There are Atheists and Christian fanatics who love our band. It's cool because it's like bridging a gap--maybe the Atheists can learn something from these people, and maybe the Christians can learn something from these people. And there are kids who don't give a damn about religion and like it because it rocks." ~Scott Stapp

Quote-"It's changed the way I look at people a little bit. Even people that are close to me. Because six months ago I was a loser, and now all of a sudden I'm everybody's best friend and everybody's hero. It's funny how success can do that." ~Scott Stapp

Quote-"We're going to conquer Europe and the rest of the world! Write it down, make sure you remember that I said it!"~Scott Stapp

Quote-You don't want much then? Just world domination? "Yup"~Scott Stapp

Quote-"We did this for each other. This was our way of dealing with our own issues, but we were doing it together. It's almost like you meet with someone for coffee, and you just talk to 'em and they're helping you and you're like 'I got this problem, can you help me out?' We did that with our music. That's how we 'had a cup of coffee.' We got together, and played songs, and wrote songs and jammed together."~Scott Stapp

Quote-"My dream is to be in the biggest and best rock band in the world, and for us to be respected for our passion, sincerity, intensity, and how much we put into our music. That's it in a nutshell!"~Scott Stapp

Quote-"We are just searching for the answers, ya know. We're all just trying to find them. Trying to grow up in this world and try to figure out who we are and what we believe in, and it just came out on this record. And a lot of people have identified with it."~Scott Stapp

Quote-"I make a lot of spiritual references. I use a lot of biblical imagery, just because there's a lot of good poetry in the bible and there's a lot a lot of good imagery and use of words and imagination. And growing up, that was something that was in my life because of my family, and I think it just kinda sunk in to how I think and how I write. it just naturally comes out of me that way. I don't think it was really an effort there was no purpose or agenda to make em that way, its just what came out of me."~Scott Stapp

Quote-"I have multiple personalities, my friend."~Scott Stapp

Quote-"New bands are going to get comparisons; you know a lot of 'em, always. I think the nay-sayers haven't listened to the record, and haven't heard what makes us Creed"~Scott Stapp

Quote-"We just wanna rock man."~Scott Stapp

Quote-"We were so naïve coming into this. We thought: get a record deal, sell a million records, get on MTV and Much Music and tour the States and Canada and Europe and have a good life. But, we didn't realize that there's so much that goes on to make this happen, and we appreciate it a lot more and can respect bands that have reached this level and higher levels because we know all the work that goes into it now. And it's amazing, I can't believe it."~Scott Stapp

Quote-"Right now I'm Jim Jones, the guy who led a cult and poisoned everyone with Kool Aid. He's [Phillips] Ted Bundy. Brian was Jeffrey Dahmer. ("and Mark was David Berkowitz"-Phillips) We probably won't be using them now, cuz you'll print them."~Scott Stapp
--Interviewer - Are you guys this serious when you're off stage? Quote-"I dunno, a lot of people, I think, assume that about us after they talk to us, that we're just all about seriousness."~Scott Stapp


Quote-"Well, we figured we start with stadiums and work our way down."~Scott Stapp

Quote-"No, we're not a Christian band. I talk about God a lot in my music. It's something I'm interested in, but we're not specifically a Christian rock band"~Scott Stapp

Quote-"I liked Elvis. [laughs] You know, my mom was a big Elvis fan, and my dad was a big Elvis fan. So, I would like sing all these Elvis songs. You know how you have a dog and you're like 'Look at the tricks my dog can do' at parties. Well, that's kinda how I was, when I was a kid, for my parents. So, they'd be like "Scott, ah, stand up on the table and do Jail house Rock,' or something, you know, so I would kinda just do my Elvis impersonations, and then I'd go into all my other impersonations. But, ah, I was a big Elvis fan. I used to have dreams that I would go to Elvis shows, and like he'd call me up outta the crowd, and like everyone would be like 'Oh my God' and I'd run up on the stage with Elvis and sing with him. Like I'd have these reoccurring dreams like that, it was weird, when I was a kid."~Scott Stapp

Quote-"The way we look at it, is whether its right for now, and its not gonna be right for tomorrow, oh well. It was right for the time. And whether it ends today, or it ends in 10 yeas, what we've come to do, and what we've done has served it purpose whether is short lived, or long"~Scott Stapp

Quote-"I love just to ad lib and make up songs as we go. It's kind of how we started learning how to write songs. It was just Mark jammin, and me just singing off the top of our head."~Scott Stapp

Quote-"This song(my own prison) is about taking responsibility for the decisions you make in life, and not blaming your situation on other people"~Scott Stapp

Quote-"I loved just jammin at parties and that's what I told him. I'd say, 'This is how our name's gonna get out around this town. You know, just by playing and singing at these parties' and it worked, cause people would say, 'Hey, man, you guys sound great. Do you have a band?' and we'd be like, "Yeah." and they'd come to our shows."~Scott Stapp

Quote-Does it seem like fate to make it to this point? "Yes, it definitely does. Just how me and Mark got back together after met after years of not knowing where each other was, or what each other was doing. Just to run into each other in a town in Florida, it was kinda a chance. Kinda meeting and both having the same goals and so immediately when we got together, we started writing songs and stuff and put a band together and here we are"~Scott Stapp

Quote-"It's just four guys, who are constantly trying to grow together and feed each other. That's why the music comes out like it is."~Scott Stapp

~Quote- "We put our heart & soul into it, if you're in the front 2 rows, you're gonna get my sweat all over ya".~Scott Stapp(Line From the 25 Sexiest Artists)

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