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WAWO Foundation

The With Arms Wide Open Foundation protects the lives and well-being of children by seeking to ensure healthy, loving, nurturing bonds between children and their parents through funding existing service providers and identifying and addressing service gap areas. The Foundation's intent is to raise public awareness of the importance of healthy parent-child relationships in whatever form they may arise; to provide encouraging support and education to parents; and to identify and address problematic areas that impede the development and/or maintenance of healthy, loving, nurturing parent-child relationships.

The leader of the WAWO Foundation, of coarse - is Scott Stapp

     Scott with his son Jagger

During Christmas there was a shelter party for the less fortunate.  Here are a few pictures from that party:

Jagger Stapp finally works up enough courage to sit on Santa's (Daddy's--shhh!) lap

Residents at the Coalition for the Homeless enjoy the Foundation's refreshments

Kids flock around Santa Stapp

For A LOT more info and pics go to The Official With Arms Wide Open Foundation site

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