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Stapp FAQ

Here you can find frequently asked questions that I get now & then. If you need to ask me a question please e-mail me.


"Are you Scott Stapp?"

Answer: No, I am just a fan from Indiana. And by the way, I am a girl.

"Do you know Scott Stapp?"

Answer: No, I have NO relation with him, nor have I ever met him.

"Do you have any pictures of Scott's tattoo so I can get one?"

Answer: Yes, go into the pictures page, and there is a few good shots of the tattoo.

"How Old are you?"

Answer: When I started this web site I was 12 years old but my b-day was on Oct. 26, so now I am 13.

"Have you ever met Scott Stapp?"

Answer: No, but I would love to some day.

"Does Scott Stapp and or/Creed know about you're web site?"

Answer: I have no clue. If they did, you would most likely find either an entry in the guest book, or a post at the bulletin board. But I haven't seen either. And it is possibly that they MIGHT have stopped by, but I have no real proof.

"Does Scott Stapp have a personal e-mail address?"

Answer: No, not at this current time.

"Where does Scott Stapp Live?"

Answer: He currently lives in Orlando FL.

"Do you have a Creednet BB Member Name?"

Answer: Yes, my name on the Creednet BB is "*CREEDY-WHITT*", and I always post in CREED-"The Band" section.

"Is Scott still married to Hillarie?"

Answer: No. But Scott & Hillarie still love each other, & live with each other. They both found it best to stay together to be good parents for Jagger.

Those are about the most frequent questions that I get. Again, if you have a question scroll up to the top of the page and feel free to e-mail me anytime.