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Past Polls

Jan 29-Feb.4th Question: "Do you think Scott could act well?"


Jan 22-28 Question: "What do you think Scott will do if the band decides to break up?"
  WINNER:I dont want him to leave Creed!

Jan 15-21 Question: "Do you like the way Scott dresses?"


Jan 12-16 Question: "Do you think Scott will ever cut his hair short?"

  WINNER Hope Not!

Unknown Date ~Question:"What would your reaction be if Scott Stapp started singing solo?"

  WINNER: "I will still listen to him"

Dec.11-15 ~Question: "Do you think Scott Stapp has been to my website?
  WINNER: YES (Fans pick; I really don't have proof that he has been here)

Dec.4-8 ~Question: "Do you think Scott should dedicate a song to the fans?"


Nov.27-Dec.1 ~Question: "How much do you think Jagger looks like Scott?"

  WINNER: He's a Spitting Image

Nov.20-24 ~Question: "What kind of site does this Scott Stapp Site remind you of?"

  WINNER: A CreedOnline for Scott Stapp

Nov.13-17 ~Question:"Do you think Scott should write a party song?"


Nov.3-10 ~Question:"Do you think Scott is a "soon to be" legend?

Oct.30-Nov.3 ~Question:"How do you like Scott's Hair?

  WINNER: Shorter

October 23-27 ~Question:"You think Jagger will be a rock star in the future?"-


October 16-20 ~Question:"Do you think Scott is a good role model?"


October 9-13 ~Question:"What version of WAWO does Scott sound best in?"
  WINNER:Acoustic version

October 2-6 ~Question:"How would you feel if Scott got a Buzz-cut?"

  WINNER~He couldn't have...

September 25-29 ~Question: "Would it be cool if a Stapp action figure was made?"


September 18-22 ~Question: What video does Scott look best in?

  WINNER~Whats this Life For

September 11-15 ~Question: What kind of person does Scott apear to you as?

  WINNER~A sexy lead singer

August 28-Sept.1(With Extended Week)~Question: Should Scott/Creed make a camio in a movie?

August 21-25~Question: What is Scotts Best Feature?

   WINNER~His Eyes

August 14-18~Question: Do you think Scott sounds better on the 1st or 2nd album?

  WINNER~Human Clay

August 7-11~Question: Does Scott look sexier with or without a shirt?


July 31-August 4~Question: Does Scott sound better Live or on the C.D.'s?