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Site History

(Go to the bottom of the page to see a small view of the old main page!)

This site started on the web server  I had to change over to this server, which I think is better cause was always givng me trouble.
I started this site when I was 12 years old, in July of Summer 2000.  At first I was just messing around with the website builder, and eventually it became a popular Scott Stapp site on the net.  I would 1st off like to thank everyone that has came here, I really appreciate it!   I saved some of the old text from the 1st version of The Unofficial Scott Stapp Site.  It was the text from the main page, here they are:

Thanks for coming to "The Unofficial Scott Stapp Site." I have been searching the net for a page just about Scott, and I couldn't find one! So thats why I took it upon myself to start one. This page was started at 10:30pm July 7, 2000. I hope you enjoy my site. Thanks for coming! *I am NOT Scott Stapp or have any relation with Scott Stapp. This is a fan site, & I just wanted to clarify that to some of you, because I think my E-mail address CAN possibly fool some people that it is his. So again, I am NOT Scott Stapp or have any relation with him.* Thanx again-Kalee

Feel free to take any pic you want.This site will be updated often with what ever I can find on Scott. If you have any info or pics that I don't have at the time, feel free to share them with the site. E-mail them to me & I will post it up. I just want to let you know that I will give you full credit posted on the site as soon as I reseive what ever you have sent me-Thanx, Kalee.

!WAIT! Before you go search the site or leave, PLEASE sign my Guestbook! I would really love to hear what you have to say about the site! Thanx-Kalee
THANX Creed Online for making my state banner!!!

Hey! On July 13, 2000 I won this great award from Creed Online! They thought my site was awsome. If you have an awsome site, go to Creedonline to win this award!!!
Thanx again Creedonline!!!

        The Original Main Page

Those were just a few things I wanted to save.  That is some of this sites history

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