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Kalee's Storys
Real Vampire
©-Kalee Whittington    (Its long but not done, so grab a banana and some hot chocolate and you will be good to go with my very 1st suspense thriller!) ha ha

    Hello.  My name is Allissa Kamen.  I am a normal everyday girl, I’m eight-teen, I have golden-blonde hair, and glowing brown eyes.  But I won’t just be an everyday person for long.  My life will be forever changed...

    The night air was warm and comfortable; the way summer nights are in mid-July.  I lived in a small town in Indiana, named Willdon.  It wasn’t the most happening place in the world, but it was home.

    It was about eight-forty-five when I decided to walk down to the square and hangout.  The square wasn’t very big, but I would have to say it was Willdon’s most popular area.  It had a small park, a shelter-house, a bandstand, and a few water fountains.  Then there was the sidewalk that went around in a square, around the whole square.  And if you can’t guess yet, that’s basically how the square got its name.  

    Around eight or nine O’ clock Willdon is dead.  Mostly kids and teens hang out during the day.  The police around here are very strict on curfew.  But I don’t have to worry about that now, since I am eight-teen.  I have never seen anyone caught out past curfew, but let me tell you, if I did I would be laughing.  I’m sure at least a few of the super goobers have been told to go home.  I would love to see all that.

    Finally it was peaceful.  I always loved when it was quiet in town; the only sounds you could hear were the cars coming and going on the highway, the wind blowing the trees, those were the sounds that made it worth being peaceful.  Sometimes I felt as if I was the only person that dug those kinds of things.  Maybe I was.  The quiet peace didn’t last long though.

    Here they came.  The dirty fat, beer-bellied guys that had just gotten off work to come to the liquor store.  They all came up; there rusted pick-ups making roaring, sick noises all through town.  Those were the kind of cars that I hated to hear coming and going on the highway.  And yet it was always funny to watch them race up the steps to get to the door.  They run up the steps all bow-legged; it was like a dog race or something, you sat wondering which one was going to get to the steak first?  I often wondered that every time I saw them run up like that.  None of them ever seemed to win though.  It was like a five-man tie.  They all managed to cram their selves into the door at once.  Paying for the beer is when they really use their math.  They add up how much money they have, pay for it and head out the door.  They run down those steps with the biggest glimmer in their eye.  They put the beer in their truck and peel out like nobody’s business.  Their motors sounded even worse and sick as they drove off into the night.

    When I finally got my mind off the beer-bellied guys, something else distracted me.  But it wasn’t anything bad.  I sat in the same bench that I did most nights and gazed op at the stars.  It was a very beautiful night.  Stars were everywhere.  I had never seen so many at a time.  It was very quiet though.

    Like I mentioned earlier, sounds that you hear only at night, they were gone. The cars had stopped moving, the trees had stopped swaying, and the wind quit howling.  There wasn’t any sign of movement.  I tried looking around the square and around town, but everything had froze.  It was almost like time had stopped.  The only movement or sound that I could feel or hear was the sound of my heavy breathing, and the motion of my heart beating rapidly in my chest.

    Why was this happening? Why now out of the blue?  I began breaking out in a cold sweat.  My breathing had become harder.  It all felt so weird; I got the feeling that someone or something was around me.  How could they be around me though?  How could they be around me if there was no movement and the fact that everything was silent?

    I had my eyes shut, and held my breath, to try and hear at least something.  And I did hear something.  Everything.  I heard the cars, the trees, and the wind.  Everything just went back to normal.  I was breathing regularly, and my heart was beating at a normal pace.  Did I imagine all of it?  I couldn’t have, it felt too real.  Maybe I did imagine it; I was feeling a bit tired anyway, I guess I could have.  That was one of the strangest things...

    I wasn’t at the square very long, I figured since I might be more tired than I thought, I would head home.  My car was parked on the West Side of town facing the highway, next to the water fountains.  I got up from the bench slowly and took a deep breath.  I stood there to clear my mind for a few seconds then decided to start walking.  When I was about five feet passed the water fountains I got that feeling again.  And right after I cleared my mind and thought everything was fine?  Everything stopped again.  And my heart was beating even faster this time.  I couldn’t be imagining all of this; it never happened to me before tonight.

    This time I heard low breathing, but only this breathing wasn’t mine.  It sounded like it was getting closer, but no one was around but me.  It had to be my mind playing tricks on me; it just had to be.  It couldn’t be anything else.  If it were, what would it be?  I took another breath and walked on.  Half way to my car I heard a voice.

    "Hey"!  A young man called out.

    My voice was trembling.  "Hello...who’s there?"

    I thought I was going to get mugged.  But not in this town; that goes to show how much imagination I have.  Then someone tapped me on the shoulder.

    I gasped and turned to look over my shoulder.

    Then a young man with icey-blue eyes and choppy golden hair turned to talk.  "Hey, hey.  Keep it down."

    There was a silence between the both of us for a minute, and then I broke in.

    "C-Can I help you"?  I said half frightened.

    The young man continued.  "Um, hi.  My name is Patrick.  Patrick Slade.  I’ve been looking for you.  And I think I need to talk to you."

    I replied with anger.  "Wait, wait, wait!  Now look, I have no clue who you are and what you want.  And most of all, I have never seen you around here before.  I want to know—have you been the one following me tonight?"

    Patrick began.  "Me. No.  I have been watching you that’s—"

    I yelled with impatience.  "Watching me!  What’s the difference?  Do you realize how worried I was?  Man, you scared the shit out of me!"

    Patrick apologized, "I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to frighten you.  Now what I have to tell you may seem off the wall, but I give you my word that it’s all true.  It has to do with you.  A-matter-of-fact, it has to do a great deal with you."

    I stared at Patrick with aghast.  When he said all, that is when I got a little concerned.  My instinct told me that it must be serious.  I thought that it would be good to listen then.

    Patrick continued on.  "Now lets go sit over on that bench you were on, we will be talking for a little while.  Okay to start things off, you are what would be called The Chosen One.  I know it sounds corny...but you are kinda like A Chosen One, something like that.  Are you gettin all of th—?"

    I interrupted again.  "You’re not trying to get me to join a club or some cult are you?  And if you are I don’t think I could do all that."

    Patrick said with a slight cackle, "No, no.  That’s not it at all..."

    I sighed with relief and whispered to myself, "Good."

    Patrick started out again.  "Now like I said, this may seem really off the wall to you...but please don’t freak out or anything."

    I stared at him wondering what he was going to say.

    Patrick said with a deep breath, "I am a vampire.  And I need you."

    I leaped up with a pale face.  I was confused when I first heard those words come out of his mouth.  I wasn’t sure if this guy was drunk or high, or what.  But he was being so serious about all of this.  I was tempted to believe him; I was also feeling like a fool when I jumped up off the bench.  With my big imagination, I would believe someone if they told me they were a vampire.

     I replied, "All right... so, you are a vampire?  Your not mental or anything are you?  Because this seems a little far-fetch for these days."

    Patrick just stared at me with a faint smirk.

    Again I said, "You’re not kidding me?"

    He looked at me shaking his head, "No."

    Then he motioned me to come back to the bench.  "Come on, sit back down.  I won’t and I can’t hurt you."

    I started to sit down, but suddenly backed away.  "Prove it.  Come on, give me proof that you are a vampire."

    He suddenly stood up; for some odd reason I wasn’t scared anymore.  This guy could suck my blood for all I knew, and I wasn’t even scared.  The moonlight reflected his bright blue eyes and his golden hair.  He didn’t really look weird like most vampires do in the movies.

    Patrick spoke.  "You have a lot of instinct.  That’s why I chose you.  And I knew it would be you because vampires have almost five times the instinct of a human.  I know it sounds confusing.  Now, you said you want proof that I am a vampire, right?"

    I answered, "Yeah.  Give me proof."

    Patrick said quickly, "Okay, fangs.  I haven’t shown my mouth much in the light because I didn’t want to frighten you."

    He opened his mouth and turned towards me.  

    He said nonchalantly, "See this?  Looks long and sharp doesn’t it?"

    I had never seen a tooth like that before... not on a human at least.  And I knew it wasn’t polite to stare, but this was worth gazing at.

    Patrick continued quickly, "Believe me now?"

    I honestly didn’t know what to think.  A vampire?  A real vampire standing before me?  Weird stuff like this never happens to a person like me.  And of all things it had to do with vampires.  At that point everything seemed topsy-turvy.  But in a way, I was a little exited.

    Now convinced I said, "I guess that does kind of give away the fact of you being a vampire.  But still, why isn’t you’re skin pale or anything?  Isn’t that another vampire fact?"

    Patrick gazed at me foolishly and said, "You shouldn’t believe all of what you see in the movies.  I bet every one of those vampire movies barely have anything that is true about us."

    He paused and looked up for a moment, then he looked down into my eyes and asked, "I’m sorry, but before I answer you’re questions I have to know something.  What is you’re name?"

    I followed up, "Allissa Kamen."

    I couldn’t help but notice how his bright blue eyes were constantly gazing into mine.  But I liked it.  No other guy I knew did that.  And I liked how his golden bangs fell over the right side of his forehead.  He was gorgeous.  But I barely knew him...and he was a vampire.  It was a weird feeling; it was pulling me into him.

    Patrick continued, "I think you have a beautiful name.  Now the reason our skin isn’t pale like in the movies is because of the blood we drink.  We are basically like you humans; the more blood in our bodies, the tanner we are.  And we don’t use our fangs purposely, just to kill."

    "Then what are they for, I asked?"

    Patrick answered, "For two main reasons.  One—When our color starts to turn pale is when we need to feed on humans.  And two—To turn others into vampires.  You see, there is a hole at the tip of each fang.  And those can able us to send a sort of venom into who’s ever vein we bite."

    I questioned in disgust, "Why do you have to feed on humans?  Why not animals or something?  You... don’t kill them do you?"

    Patrick looked uneasy, and answered, "Well Allissa this is the way it works.  If they scream, feed off of them till it kills them.  You see, if we would let them live they would tell people about us.  And our kind must be secret.  Others most likely wouldn’t believe them... but there would be a lot of mental people out there.  If you know what I mean.  But if they saw the bite marks and did believe they could possibly find us.  And we can’t afford to be hunted down.  My personal philosophy is that the vampire is the lion, and the human is the antelope.  Allissa, we are just another specie in the world."

    I screamed egotistically, "But why humans?  We are the most important type of life, damn-it!  Doesn’t that mean anything to you?"

    Patrick’s eyes got glassy and he murmured, "You think we ignore that?  You just believe that we don’t think of any of that...the killing?  Those thoughts go through my head almost every day of my life.  I hate the killing; I hate being what I am.  But I have to accept what I am.  There is nothing I can do about it."

    I started to feel a little bad for what I had said.  I guess I never thought of it that way.  I started to apologize but he continued on talking.

    Patrick continued, "I have been a vampire for twenty-three years now.  I remembered the night it happened.  I was just leaving a party when I was bit.  I had a pretty nice car.  It was a 76 "Ford".  It almost looked brand new.  I was going to my car when I had noticed there was a scratch on the door.  A really big scratch.  I thought it was one of the guys from the that I didn’t like.  But, I was wrong.  I went back to the pool house where my good buddy’s were to ask around to see who did it, but I never made it to the pool house.  I was tackled down by a vampire and he bit me almost instantly.  That night I knew real fear.  I must have passed out, and was brought to the St. Cannan Beach; a secret beach, barely any human has been there.  I was taken inside a huge dome...and that’s where they told me I was a vampire.  I, uh, I am sorry if I am boring you."

    I said in astonishment, "No! No!  Really all this is very interesting.  I really enjoy you sharing this with me.  So that would have been 1977 when it happened, right?"

    Patrick smirked and said, "You know you’re math.  I am glad that I can share all this with you and its not bugging you.  You are the only person besides my mother that ever really took interest in what I had to say."

    I said, "Yeah.  Your Welcome.  And...I am sorry about what I said earlier; about us humans being the most important—I guess it just kind of sounded odd at first.  I guess I can understand why you kill humans, I think."

    Patrick started talking again, "I was nineteen, and I was born in 1958.  And I will always remain looking this young.  The ancient vampires say when we turn into a vampire we are immortal.  But I think its nothing but a lie.  None of us can last forever.  We may last as long as a few centuries, but in the end we are all gonna die sometime."

    I asked, "I was wondering, how do real vampires die?  Old wooden stake through the heart, crosses, garlic, silver, or even cutting off the head?"

    Patrick answered, "It doesn’t matter what goes through the heart; wood metal, you name it.  Crossed have no affect on us.  They should be considered a worthless use in films.  Garlic is a poisonous food for us.  It can kill us if we eat it enough.  And it doesn’t burn the skin or anything.  Silver is another worthless use, so basically it can’t hurt us.  Now Allissa... if anything got its head cut off I am sure it would die!"

    I felt a little silly when he answered the last question.  That did make more since than it does in the movies.  But I didn’t know that vampires could eat and I asked, "When you said you can eat garlic, does that mean you can eat anything just like a human?"

    Patrick said, "That’s right.  We have all the body parts of a human.  We don’t always have to have blood."

    I said, "Oh.  I guess that does make a lot more since than what they do in the movies."

    By then Patrick and I were getting used to each other; oddly enough it felt like I have known him forever.  But I couldn’t have.   I searched my mind for another question to ask, and I found one.  "Patrick, I think I have one more question for you."

    Patrick said, "Okay, shoot"

    I continued, "What was you’re incentive for watching me?  Did you make yourself disappear, or were you floating as some mist?"

    Patrick looked puzzled, "Well, I guess it could be a mist.  I never really have know exactly what it was myself.  And if my instinct is as good as I think it is, you want to know how I did it.  Like I said, I still really don’t know how I do it, but I do know it has to do with the mind.  That’s about all I can tell you.   Sorry to get off the subject, but once you turn into a vampire, you’re body is basically re-born.  You’re brain grows to a higher level to function on our extent, powers, and new qualities.  Instead of water as a lifeline, blood is our lifeline.  And like I said, we can still have all of the food and drinks and all that stuff.  But there is one thing I didn’t tell you about fangs."

    I said surprised, "You mean there is more about the fangs?"

    Patrick continued, "Yes.  Once you’re turned into a vampire, you don’t instantly have fangs."

    Patrick paused in what he was explaining, and turned his head towards me to let me see where the fangs grow.  He took his pointer and middle fingers, and pointed to them beside his two front teeth.

    Patrick went on explaining, "They basically start to grow under the teeth beside the two front ones.  Then the regular two fall out about two weeks after you have been bit.  You don’t need or feel the urge to have blood in those weeks either.  You’re body has to adjust to its new habits and living styles."

    I was completely amazed at Patrick’s story of himself and vampires.  He was obviously the most amazing guy I had ever met in my life.  This was a new and wild experience.  I continuously kept wondering, why earlier in the night that he had told me that I was the chosen one.  Maybe he just wanted to get my attention, or I could be some kind of human leader for all vampires.  Nah, the human leader thing sounded a bit cheesy.  But I really didn’t know.  I tried to not let it eat at me, but the thought was stuck in my head for what seemed forever.

    It got silent for a moment, but then I started to talk again.  "Well Patrick, I had a really great night.  A little weird, but I kind of enjoyed learning about you.  I would love to stay, but I have to work tomorrow.  I hope I see you again sometime!"

    Patrick said happily, "I’m glad to hear you say that."

    Patrick whispered to himself, "You are the only one that has ever  said that."

    After a second or two, I said, "See you later, Patrick."  I slowly got up from the bench, acting almost as if I didn’t want to; and headed for my car.  We both went opposite directions, and I pondered to myself wondering where he was going.  Then out of the blue I had the urge to ask Patrick another question.

    I suddenly yelled out, "Patrick, wait!"

    He quickly turned around towards me.  "Yeah?"

    I asked without hesitation, "The killing, are you used to it?"

    He looked down for a moment, his eyes filled with melancholy, and answered, "You never get used to it"  He shook his head, then turned around and started walking off again.

    As I walked to my car I couldn’t get my mind off the vampire-like man I had just met.  Patrick.  I really felt like telling someone about all of this, but could I?  Patrick is a vampire.  Why bother telling someone something that they won’t believe?  I figured then, that I would keep it all to myself.

    When I got to my car, I shoved my hand in my right pocket to find my keys.  I found then, unlocked the door, and got in.  The leather seats felt oddly cold even though it was a warm night.  I put the key in hole and my car started up.  I sat there staring for a little while, just trying to get in touch with the real world.  Although, physically I was  in the real world, mentally my mind was farther than I ever imagined at that point.

    I sat in my car longer than I thought I would; about ten minutes.  I was having that drowsy stare that I get when I am too tired.  I finally snapped out of my haze so I could start driving home.  If I would have sat any longer I may have gotten too tired while I was driving and end up falling asleep at the wheel.

    Once I started driving, I wasn’t as tired as I was when I was just sitting there.  I lived on the outskirts of town in a small house that I call my "starter home".  I like it though.  Sometimes it can get a little creepy living all alone. Those child-hood fears come back to haunt you, then you realize you don’t have you’re mom to jump into bed with when you are scared or had a bad dream.  But everything always seems to turn out okay.

     I arrived home around ten O’ clock feeling extremely sleepy.  The first thing I did kick off my shoes,  and go to my room to find my sleep shirt.  As I got it on, I flew into my bed and crawled deep under my covers.  I had a little problem though.  I was constantly tossing and turning.  I turned to check the time, and it was only 10:05.  I sighed and sprawled out on my queen-sized bed.  I had only lay there for about five minutes.  

    I quickly accelerated up to sit on the edge of my bed.  I rubbed my eyes a few times then got up.  I went out of my room and into the kitchen.  I opened up the refrigerator to get some juice; which I had been wanting some ever since I arrived home.

    After I poured my juice, I went into the living room to watch some TV.  Not much is ever on that late at night, but earlier I looked in the TV guide, and there was a marathon of music videos on VH1.  I was glad they were on then, because they normally come on at two O’clock on Insomniac Music Theater.   I then sat down, and turned on the little lamp closest to me.  I graded the remote and turned on the TV; I turned the channel to VH1 and Creed , my favorite band, was on.  It was the Higher  video, which I just caught at the very middle.

    Right when I started singing along with the video, I heard something moving behind me.  I turned the TV down a bit, and had a shifty-eye look to me.  I gulped and turned around to see what it was; funny thing was, nothing was even there.  Then all of the sudden something jumped hard onto my leg.

    I screamed extremely loud.  Then noticed it was just my cat, Panzer.  "Gosh, you cat!  You scared me more than that guy at the park did!"  I picked him up and babied him for awhile, then put him down to the floor.  Just in that short amount of time I was getting even more drowsy; I just didn’t have the feeling to sleep though.  Its a real weird feeling, and very hard to explain.

    I was beginning to think that I was having a small case of Insomnia.  And with that, I started to think of Patrick.  It was odd meeting him so quickly, well, meeting the thing he was.  But I didn’t want to label him as a "thing".  It just wouldn’t feel right to me.  The whole thing I have experienced today just seems like a poorly written movie script.  Its all happening so fast.

    I wondered if Patrick would be down at the square again tomorrow?  I liked him.  I liked having his company.  He seemed different from other people—of course I knew he was different, but he seemed like a regular person too.  And I liked the part of him that seemed regular.  The more I tried to think about it, made my head hurt.  And for the first time, I think it really dawned on me that this guy was a true vampire.  And then I started to go against that thought.

    "He couldn’t be a vampire, I thought.  Vampires are in movies and books, they don’t hang out at parks at small towns that no one knows about."

    But, yes he was a vampire.  A Real Vampire.

    I tried to clear my mind and I then just wanted to try and stop thinking.  Just let my mind go, without having to think or worry.  I did just that, and I started to feel a blunt sort of feeling.  The kind of feeling you get when you are tired, but only it seemed that things were getting foggy.

    I tried to rub my eyes and clear them, but it wouldn’t go away.  And by then I realized it wasn’t fog; it was smoke.  Thick clouds of it began to fill my house.  Was something on fire?  I didn’t smell anything.  I was coughing and getting light-headed.  It was getting to smoky to see anything.  I crawled on the ground trying to get under the smoke, but that didn’t help much.  I was getting to weak to even get up.

    I continued trying to crawl my way out of the house, I think I had only made it a few feet away from the couch, heading into my kitchen.  Right when I was getting closer I felt something.  Something had grabbed my ankle.

    I screamed extremely loud; loud enough for the neilbors to hear.  I could feel that it was obviously a hand.  It was so cold.  Too cold.  Dead Cold.  No one could be living with and have such an abnormal body temperature.  I didn’t want to turn around to see what was at my ankle, but I was desperate to know who or what had a hold of me.

    I had my eyes shut tight, and a knot was swelling up in my throat.  I was so scared that I felt like busting out tears.  I was refusing to swallow, breath, or open my eyes.  I had to open them.  I finally had gained courage to look back behind me.

    As I slowly turned my head past my shoulder, and I gazed at something that I didn’t want to see.

    Everything was still blurry, but I could make out the figure that had a hold of my ankle.  It was a man; he looked slightly dead.  His eyes were of pure blackness.  He wasn’t alive.  This wasn’t a man.  It was an animated corpse; rotted, dry, with white skin.  His finger nails were cracked at the tips.  And he was wearing dust-filled, ratty old clothing.

    I almost went into shock.  I don’t think I have ever been more scared in my life then I was at that moment.  I gained enough energy to jerk away from the monster that had a hold of me.  I managed to get up and try to run; yet the smoke still left it hard to see.  I was practically tripping over everything.  I went to turn another direction, then there stood another zombie-like creature.  I once again screamed, and tried to go another direction.

    And then came another, after another.  They were everywhere.   I spoke out screaming, "Why are you doing this to me?  Just leave me alone damn it, leave me alone!"  Although I screamed out hoping that someone would possibly come to my rescue, I still knew, but didn’t want to believe anyone was there.

    Now came the part that spooked me the most.  I heard these low echoing voices.  Their  voices.  None of it came out clear.  But it was this muttering, whispering echo throughout my atmosphere.  They all seemed to speak in a slowly ghostly tone.  And then it started to come clear, but the echo carried on in there eerie voices.

    What I heard from them was, "You...are the one....of us...join us."

    I realized I was no longer in my house.  I was in some huge, dome-like building.  The smoke had finally cleared.  And I saw those...things.  The zombies...that was the only thing that came to my mind when I saw them.  They were everywhere I could see, and they had surrounded me in a circle.

    I was like a piece of food that had been dropped to the ground, and the zombies were the ants trying to come and take me away.  But what they were going to do was what endlessly crossed my mind.  I couldn’t run anywhere, if I did I would be caught by one of those monsters no matter how hard I would struggle.

    I figured this was the end.  I couldn’t do anything to defend myself, why bother to swing a fist?  But I wasn’t ready to go, not now.  They all started to get closer to me.  As they did, I suddenly felt a cold hand on my shoulder, just as I did my ankle.

    I screamed, "No!  Go away, just leave me alone!"

    "Allissa, Allissa!  Calm down!  Its just me!" A voice other than a dead mans, called out to me in reassurance that everything was fine.

    I was whimpering a shaky sob, and slowly opened my eyes.

    Then, once I saw who it was I said, "Mom?"

    She answered me, "Yes honey.  Its me.  Are you okay?  Jesus, Lissi you had me literally scared to death.  I tried to call.  I called and called but—"

    By then I was never more happy to see my mom.  I had the feeling to jump up and hug her.  My mom, Karen Kamen hadn’t called me Lissi since I was just a little girl; around five or six I think I was.  It was during the time when I started having these extremely horrific nightmares.

    She held me in her arms, and stoked my hair like she did when I was little.


    That dream with those undead...things had seemed so fake now.  Yet it still scares me to death to think about it.  Maybe my dream started when I met Patrick.  It probably was a dream.  The one thing that made it feel like it wasn’t a dream was that I remember just about everything he told me.  I don’t have many dreams where I can remember what was said in them.  I also remember the voices in the dream with the zombies.  Nine times out of ten, I don’t even hear or say anything in my dreams.  I am just changing I guess.  Patrick and the zombies were all fake.  They didn’t actually exist.  In a way...I wished Patrick would have existed.

    I tried to sleep a little more.  My mom had hurtled in around six-thirty in the morning.  I wondered why so early.  Oh well.  I didn’t really get any more sleep.  With the dream and all, it was kind of hard.  I had to be at work at eight-thirty a.m.  I got up around seven-fifty.  Got a quick shower, put on my clothes, and headed out the door.

    I didn’t even do much with my hair, much less my body language towards other people.  I worked at a Super Wall-Mart Center—I served food for people in the eating section of the place.  I didn’t like the job much...but I did like to help myself with cherry snow cones from time to time, hehe.  I was really lousy at work for the rest of the day; I was surprised I didn’t get fired.  I dropped someone's Dr. Pepper, burnt three pieces of pizza and accidentally gave someone a Sprite instead of a 7-Up.  I just wanted to get out, get back to Willdon and go back to the square...just to look at the starts.  Patrick isn’t a real person or "vampire".  I never met him, I don’t know him, and I will never see him again.

    I got off around seven-forty at night.  I was so glad to get out of Wall-Mart.  It was just like being back in school again...sitting in those boring-as-hell classes.  Its brutal.

    I forgot to eat this morning, and I never snuck any goodies or drinks at Wall-Mart today.  What was wrong with me?  I guess I am just having a dire kind of day.  I drove down to the little pizza place in at the end of Washington Street and got a four-teen inch pizza and ate the whole thing by myself.  I don’t think I have ever eaten a pizza that big, I normally get full after just a few peices.  But I had a good reason for being so hungry.

    I was contemplating about weather I was up for going down to the square or not.  I was tired as hell.  But I wanted to so badly.  "Geese, Allissa!  Make up your mind!  Do you believe that you really saw Patrick Slade or not"  The more I thought about it, honestly I wasn’t sure if he was fake or not.  So I decided to stagger on over to the square.

    I walked out of the old pizza joint, and started walking towards the square.  It wasn’t as warm as it was the other night, I crossed my arms and held onto my elbows.  There was no wind what so ever.  The nightly sounds were present though.  I could feel my eyes getting shifty; as if I thought someone or some thing was going to pop out and grab me.

    Once I got up onto the side-walk I just stood there for awhile, not saying a single word, barely breathing—just trying to...listen.

    I abruptly heard a sound, a sound like someone just walked over a few fallen twigs from a tree.  I looked to see who it was was just some high-school kid.  Not Patr—

    I started talking to myself again, "Liss! Here you go again!  You just had a simple, and strange dream about Patrick, he isn’t real!  I’m just gonna leave right here and now."  I walked backwards for a second then turned around.  I fell right to the ground.  It felt like I had bumped into some ones back.  It was dark; I was under the shade of a tree and could only see a mere figure approaching me.

    "Allissa? Oh, God, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to bump in to ya.  You okay?" A familiar voiced called out.

    That voice.  I have heard it before.  That voice.  No way.  He was all a dream, right?  At least I thought....

    I was quiet for a second or two and began to speak up, "Patrick, is that really you?"

    He grabbed me up and answered my question, "Yea, its me.  Patrick Slade.  We met last night, ‘member?"

    I replied, "Of coarse I remember!  How could I forget?  What are you doing here again?"  

    So many thoughts were flying through my mind.  Patrick was for real.  No fake.  Not a dream character, Patrick was real just as I am.  Right then I had realized that last night had seemed like an eternity ago.  Why?  I didn’t know myself.  Sometimes days are just like that I assumed.

    Patrick alleged, "Well...last night you said you would like to see me again sometime, so I came back here.  I knew you would be here.  I’m happy that you are here.  I, I...uh, I missed you.  You are really great to talk to.  I don’t get through to many people, or other vampires don’t get through or really understand me much either.  You do though, I appreciate that Liss."

    I smiled and said, "That’s sweet Patrick.  I don’t know why people wouldn’t understand you.  You say and do things pretty clearly to me.  You are a nice guy too.  But, people don’t understand me much either...sometimes.  I have my wild imagination, and I guess that’s why."  

    "I guess we are two of a kind in a way, Patrick announced.  Would you like to walk around?"

    "Sure" I said.

    We walked through the playground, talking about this and that, we both talked so easily to one another.  Nine times out of ten, I cant lead a conversation for anything.  When I was with Patrick I realized we both were able to lead on a conversation or speak freely without any moments of silence.  I could never do that before.

    I asked, "So, Patrick.  What do you like to do for fun?  Like when you get away from your vampire world?"

    Patrick raised his eyebrows and let out a mere sigh and said, "Well...once I became a vampire I kind of lost touch with having hobbies and fun and all that jazz.  But God, do I miss it something aweful.  The only time I really had some good fun was those days when I was human.  I remember me and my buddy’s, Jake, Logan, and Russ would always like to go out to partys over at Chip Deans place.  I didn’t like Chip that much.  He was all stuck-up and devoted his life to Elvis Presley.  We would get drunk just about every night we were at his house.  We sure were crazy.  My hobbies then were basically, getting drunk every night, going over to the local A&W’s to check out all the pretty ladies, driving fast in cars and...and..the other one is kind of corney—for a guy anyway. Especially in the time that I am in now."

    I demanded, "Its okay, you can tell me.  I promise I won’t laugh. I have little things that I personally enjoy doing too, but I never get around to telling anyone."

    Patrick went on, "Okay.  Well, on warm nights like lastnight, I used to love just going out late at night or even the wee hours of the morning just to look at the stars.   And even the moon if it was ever out.  I loved doing that as much as I could, but my buddys...I could never tell them."

    I gazed at Patrick in admiration and said, "I do the same thing.  I love looking at the stars, and yes even the moon.  That is exactly what I was doing last night before I met up with you.  Just looking up at the stars."

    Patrick just smiled and said, "Thats nuts how we have so much in-common.  But I am glad I am not the only one who likes to look at the stars."

    I said, "Hey, do you wanna go and sit up on the band stand for awhile?"

    Patrick replied, "I’d love to Allissa"

    We walked passed the kids playground and went up the steps and onto the band stand.  I liked going up on it.  I have ever since I was just a little kid.  I really liked it at night.  It was dark and peaceful up there.  Plus there was soft music playing from the top of it.

    Patrick and I sat down together on the side pointing toward the shelter-house.  "I’m having a great time being with you Pat, we have so much in-common and can talk so easily to one’re really just, just a all-out great guy."  I said fondly.

    Patrick had that same glimmer in his eye and whispered, "I can say the same for you.  You’re amazing Allissa. Your my everything..."

    At that moment, I just couldn’t take it anymore.  I reached over and I lightly kissed Patrick on the cheek.  He kissed me back, only in a more romantic kind of way.  I thought I would never forget that great moment.  After the kiss he just held me in his arms for awhile.  We were silent and just sat there, loving every moment of our time together.

    I had only seen Patrick twice, but when he said that I was his everything I knew he meant it.  He hasn’t met anyone like me probably in forever.  Perhaps his whole life.  That I was unsure of.  But I knew the instant we started talking, just looking at that glimmer in his eye that he was already in love.  He found someone that would love him back in return, and that I did.  I had never felt that way about any guy before.  And the most ironic part was coming back and hitting me square in the face.  He was a vampire.  How could I fall in love so fast?  Was I really in love?  I must have been.  I’ll say it again, I have never felt this way about anyone before.

    After about fifteen minutes, Patrick broke the silence, "You know what Liss?"

    I replied, "What?"

    "I know now that I have a new hobbie.  Being with you.  You are the only person that I know that truely makes me happy.  Allissa I know this seems off the wall and everything and increadibly soon, but I know I am in love with you.  I saw that I would be the moment I gazed into your eyes.  You’re an angel.  You’re golden....Thank you." Patrick replied.

    I said, "I know Patrick Slade.  I know.  Your welcome."

    I thought we would lay under that band stand forever.  I just remember being in his arms just about all night.  We were out in town just about all night.  I had fell asleep on Patricks shoulder.  He was shaking me.

    "Allissa! Hey, hun, wake up!" Patrick lightly hollered.

    My eyes were heavy and in a blur.  A rubbed them for a sec then got up, "Patrick?  What happened, what time is it?"

    Patrick looked up on the town clock.  It was eleven-fifty-three.

    Patrick said to me, "Liss, you better be getting home.  You look worn out and its getting pretty late."

    I drowsily said, "Oh, okay Patrick.  Just, uh...let me get my keys out.  They are in my pocket somewhere."

    "Wait, wait, wait!  You are way too tired to be out driving Allissa.  Let...let me take you home.  May I?"

    I replied, "Yea, that would be great, thanks."

    Patrick whispered to himself, "Man, just hope I remember how to drive.  Geese, I haven't driven since 1963.  Can’t believe its been that long ago."

    We walked in silence toward my car.  I loved that time we had up there on the band stand.  Not just the kiss; but just being with Patrick, just being there in his arms.  I wish I could have stayed on that band stand forever.

    Patrick said in my ear, "Hey, which one is your car?"

    I looked around in a daze and pointed to the silver 96’ Mustang and said, "Its that one, the silver one"

    Patrick said in bewilderment, "Wow!  Thats some car you have there Liss, nothing like the old tin-cans I used to drive."

    I said, "Yea, I love it.  I am totally in love with silver cars.  I didn’t buy it though.  I have a rich uncle that I get along with really well.  Me and him we always good buddy’s.  He thought I acted al ot like him, and I guess that’s why he liked me so much.  He bought me this car for my 18th birth-day.  So I haven’t had it that long.