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Scott's Status: Divorced(look in the FAQ section for details on the divorce), & has 1 son,  "Jagger "Michael Stapp"

Scott's fathers name is Steven Stapp, his mothers is Lynda.  Two of his four sisters are named Amie and Amanda.

Scotts father is a Dentist, Scotts mother is a homemaker.

Scotts History: Always loved music, & started singing in the School Choir.

Influences: Led Zeppelin, The Doors, old U2.

Favorite Bands: Tool, & Faith No More.

Favorite album: Joshua Tree (U2)

Place in Band: Lead vocals, songwriter.

Says his "Spice" name would be: Cannibas Sativa

Most embarrassing thing he has done in front of fans: Burp in the microphone.

Favorite rock star move/pose: Headbang

Past Jobs:

#1-Worked as a janitor for his High-School to earn money to pay for high-school tuition because his parents decided not to pay for his last year.

#2-A cook at TGI Friday's (Restaurant)

#3-Oyster Shucker at "Barnecle Bill's Seafood Emporium" on North Munroe st in Tallahasse Florida.

Other Facts:

Scott wrote "My Own Prison" at 4:00 in the morning. He realized he was just building reasons to blame people for his mistakes. He says the song was a turning point in his life.

When asked if he had ever been arrested or in trouble with the law before, he responded: "I've been real fortunate that I am a very fast runner. And I've gotten away every time. One time I jumped off a 2nd story balcony and ran two miles. They busted the party. But I've never seriously busted the law."

Scott graduated with an AA degree from college. He attended Valencia College in Orlando.

Scott also went to college at Florida State University in Tallahassee.

At the age of 15, Scott met Mark Tremonti while attending Lake Highland Prep School, in Orlando, Florida. Soon after, Scotts father decided to move his family to Tennessee. Briefly Scott went to Law School at a small Tennessee Christian school.

Because of the strict situations at home, at the age of 17 Scott decided to run away. He headed to Tallahassee, Florida because he was a big fan of The Doors and had heard that Jim Morrison had once lived there. Coincidentally, Mark Tremonti had moved to Tallahassee to attend Florida State University, and the two were reunited.

Scott was a BIG Elvis Fan as a kid. He used to love to sing Elvis songs and impersonate him.

OUOTE: "I used to have dreams that I would go to Elvis shows, and like he'd call me up outta the crowd, and like everyone would be like 'Oh My God' and I'd run up on the stage with Elvis and sing with him. Like I'd have these reoccurring dreams like that, it was weird, when I was a kid."--Scott

A concert in Indiana, Scott Stapp mentioned that Rik Smits is the tallest Creed fan at 7ft 6 in.

Scott Stapp grew up in a religious family, but isn't a religious man himself. But he does believe in God as do the rest of the band members.

And as a fifth grader, Scott wrote his first song, and sung it for a girl he had a crush on.

Scott loves to play golf. Him and Mark love to go play before shows.

The line "should have been dead on a Sunday morning banging my head" from "My Own Prison" was written because Scott had 4 cups of shroom-juice & passed out and woke up on a Sunday morning, literally banging his head, cause he thought he was going to die.

    -Credit to Alternative Press

Scott wrote "With Arms Wide Open" when he found out he was becoming a father. He sang it repeatedly to his unborn child during Hillaree's pregnancy, and in the delivery room where Jagger was born. After Jagger's birth, Scott issued a statement to fans asking them to make donations to UNICEF rather than sending flowers or gifts to his family. "We feel that rather than receive individual gifts, it would be more meaningful to children everywhere", Stapp wrote. At the time of the statement, Creed had already contributed $5,000 to the fund.

    -Credit To Creed Online

After Scott graduated from high-school he went to a small Christian school in Tennessee called "Lee University". Scott was 18 at the time. He wasn't happy at all by being there.

When Scott was 18 his hair was alot shorter only it was a bit grown out on the top.

When Scott was born his name was actually Anthony Scott, but since his initials were A.S.S. they had it legally changed to Scott Anthony.

Scotts best friend in high school was named Ben.

"I want to give BIG THANX & CREDIT from a good friend about these *LAST 4* facts.

The clocks in the Human Clay album are set at 6:47. It is said that this is the time Jagger was born.

    -Credit to Stapp Fan Sonya!

Scott Stapp is part Native American, and the belt that he wears almost all the time is a favorite Native American sign that Scott liked so much that he had it made for him so that he could wear it. Also one of the bracelets he wears is Native American.

    -Credit to Stapp Fan Mal!

Scott Stapp's sign is a 'Leo'

    -Credit to Stapp Fan Jacki for that info!

Scott's Chinese Astrology is the Ox

    -Credit to Stapp Fan Jackie for that info!

The thing that Scott most dislikes about his appearance is his nose, because he thinks it too long.

    -Credit to Stapp Fan Mal for this info!

When Scott would get into trouble, his father would make him read something from the bible, then afterwards made Scott tell him what he thought about what he read.

     -Credit to Stapp Fan Miranda!

-When Scott was just a preschooler, his natural father left home.  His mother remarried Scott's stepfather, Dr. Steven Stapp.

       -Credit to People Magazine

- When asked what Scott Stapp enjoys in a hotel room, his response was: "Comfortable beds and DVD players in the room."  To check out the actual response, along with other artists go here

    -Credit to Calendar Online

-Scott was kicked out of college (Lee University) for smoking marijuana.

    -Credit to Stapp Fan Roni

    -When My Own Prison was being recorded 'Higher' was being written by Scott S. but only had the chorus so they pushed it aside for their next album.

    -Credit to Stapp Fan Steve

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